Imágenes Instalaciones de Ordeño

FLACO. Milking Systems.

J.Delgado, was founded in 1980, dedicated in the beginning to the manufacture of small milking trolleys under our trade mark FLACO. Nowadays, J.Delgado has turned in the first spanish company and one of the most important companies all over the world dedicated to the manufacture and sale of parlours, trolleys and accessories for cows, sheep and goats. As manufacturer, we can adapt our production to the most specific needs of every farmer, searching in every case the best solution, for small, medium and big farms.

Imágenes Accesorios de Ordeño

JD. Milking Accessories.

Since over 30 years ago, we distribute under our own brand JD, a big range of first-quality accessories for milking systems at a cheaper price than originals, with the same quality. We manufacture over 100 models of liners in rubber and silicone, and all kind of spare parts suitable to the main brands of milking systems in the market. Our commercial network, with over 200 distributors in all over the world, can offer a very good service with daily deliveries of spare parts in over 50 countries.

Fabricación propia.


We manufacture all kind of accessories suitable for every kind of installation. We use firs-quality raw materials as plastics, stainless steel, rubber and silicones.

Equipos de instalación propios.


We manufacture and install our own milking parlours and trolleys. Controlling every process of all of our products allows us to be able to adapt them to every need and offer the best solution for our customers.

Distribución a nivel mundial.


Thanks to our technical service and our commercial network, we can offer distribution and installation of our products in over 50 countries all around the world.

Fabricación de consumibles adaptables a otras marcas.


Under our brand JD, we manufacture over 100 different models of liners and all kind of spare parts suitable for the main brands in the market of milking systems.

Asistencia técnica.


We’ve got at your disposal a professional team for technical assistance for every doubts or questions you may have got. In Spain territory this service is available 24/24h. 365 days per year.

30 años de experiencia.


From the beginning of our company, we’ve maintained our aim based on the health of the animal, and we’ve modernized our installations to reach maximum production.

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