The Management of J. DELGADO, S. A, with the business:
Manufacture and Sales of milking and grape harvesting machine accessories. It has been in existence for 37 years and was stablished on 27/11/1985 with the following corporate purpose:. Aware of its commitment to its customers and stakeholders in general, it has the necessary resources to ensure that the products manufactured and marketed by the company, strictly comply with the specifications, to meet the expectations and needs of customers.

To this end, it has implemented and applied in its organisation a Quality Management System based on the UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015 Standard, aimed at achieving the following objectives:


    To ensure that the Quality Policy is understood, implemented and maintained at all levels of the Company, and
that there is documentary evidence of its compliance.

•   To promote the commitment of the Management in the entire Quality Management System.

•   To train, motivate and involve all personnel in the development of the Quality Management System implemented.

•   To manage the processes necessary for the Quality Management System, in order to ensure that its operation and control are effective. Maintaining it on the basis of continuous improvement.

•   Maintaining permanent contact with Clients and interested parties in general, collaborating together to improve the final result and evaluating their level of satisfaction.

Understand the current and future needs of Customers and relevant stakeholders, meet their requirements and strive to exceed their
expectations and comply with applicable legislation.

•   Pursue a broadly participative Quality management, drawing on the capabilities of all staff.

•   To achieve a mutually beneficial relationship with its Suppliers in order to enhance the ability of both to create added value.

This Quality Policy will be maintained and periodically reviewed, communicated to all employees and made available to the Customer and interested parties.

The Quality Folder is where the philosophy and guidelines of the Quality Management System, and the documented information consisting of chapters and procedures and records are collected.

It is the responsibility of the whole organisation of J. DELGADO, S.A., and mainly of the people in charge of carrying out activities included in the Quality Management System, the obligatory fulfilment of what is established in the Quality Management System.

The Management of J. DELGADO, S.A. appoints and delegates to María Eugenia Martinez, as Quality Manager, the verification of the fulfilment of the Quality Management System, for which she has the necessary authority and independence within the organisation of the Company. The Management will provide her with the necessary resources to achieve the established objectives.


9 de Febrero de 2023

Fdo.: Sergio
Delgad0 Trillo 


Fdo.: Sergio Delgad0 Trillo 

Manager of J.DELGADO, S. A