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Our constant investment has been the growing key for our company for all these years. From the beginning, our milking concept is based on the animal health and the milk quality.

Our company philosophy has made possible the recognition and appreciation of our products by thousands or users worldwide.

Our Logistics

An advanced logistical system allows us to send our products worldwide with greater speed.

1400 distributors in more than 70 countries make up our commercial network, in order to offer a daily maintenance and replenishment service.

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Quality / Price


Nowadays we are one of the main companies engaged in mechanical milking manufacture and installation, with 35 years of experience and present in more than 70 countries. Our clients’ perception about us is greatly positive; J.Delgado is positioned in the market as one of the best value for money options.

Our reliable and durable products are delivered at a reasonable price. Our high quality products, our established brand and our efficient technical support let us keep our clients’ reliability for years and years.

Manufacturer’s guarantee


Apart from the commercial support, our distributors receive training courses so that they can offer the best options to our clients.

Being in direct contact with the products manufacturer facilitates the distributor’s work. Being backed up by our team of professionals at any time provides tranquility. Moreover, the sales price is the best as there are no intermediaries. Our stock is permanent and, as the delivery is direct, delivery time is significantly shortened so a prompt availability of required products is guarantee.

The most relevant aspect is the permanent manufacturer’s guarantee and assistance.

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