History of J.Delgado

J. Delgado Company was founded in 1980. At first engaged to the manufacture and trade of milking trolleys under the brand Flaco. Nowadays, we are one of the biggest companies engaged in the manufacture and installation of milking parlours. Every day, thousands of animals are milked with our products.

J.Delgado empresa

We manufacture 90% of all our products in Spain.

Currently J.Delgado is composed by a team of 55 employees.

We design, manufacture and distribute complete solutions in order to improve the milk production, increasing its quantity and quality. As manufacturers, we adapt ourselves to each cattle breeder’s necessities, always trying to improve his farm efficiency and production. We offer the best solution in each case, no matter the size of the dairy farm.

Apart from our own milking installations, we manufacture all kind of spares adaptable to other brands.

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J.Delgado Philosophy

In a word: responsibility.

Our main purpose is to manufacture the most competent way to get a quality and long-lasting product in order to carry out a safe and efficient milking. In J.Delgado adaptable products to many milking brands are manufactured, always improving, checking and using more resistant and suitable materials in our products. We insist on the prolongation of our products useful life, not on their obsolescence.

Personalized service


In J.Delgado we go for personalized treatment and solutions depending on each cattle breeder, from basic installations to milking parlours with electronic measuring and components.

A deep study of each dairy farm is taken in order to determine its most appropriate solution considering the dairy farm location and the race, morphology and peculiarities of the animals, always bearing in mind the preferences of each cattle breeder. Our main objective is to reach a quicker and healthier milking and so, increase the dairy farm profitability.

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Quality control

The first step in a product quality control is its raw material. Many of the materials used for our products manufacture are compulsory certificated for its contact with the milk. Consequently, all raw materials used undergo laboratory tests to define their properties, purity and quality.

Every raw material, every production step and every delivery involved in the process are subject to the quality and traceability control. This way, the number of possible mistakes made throughout the process is immensely minimized and in case they occur, they are under control.

Our products are tested in laboratories and show farms before launched onto the market. Their proper functioning is checked and their performance and material resistance are measured.

Calidad J.Delgado

J.Delgado Installations

We have more than 20,000 m² of industrial surface in Spain, where we manufacture and distribute all our products. Joining together the manufacture and distribution allows us to apply quality and traceability controls which guarantee our client a reliable product, manufactured according to the quality standards.

J.Delgado Staff

Empleados de J.Delgado